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Goals for Base Training

Ever since my lulu job I realized that I LOVE goal setting, especially for fitness. I love the journey that ensues, and finding the surprise milestones along the way. That being said I’m feeling a little goal-deprived right now. All of my running training plans so far have had a goal race, with very specific times and expectations, albeit flexible ones. Over next four months of “base training” (ie no racing), I don’t have that option. Even the 5km Winterman race in February isn’t a “goal” so to speak – it’s intended to be the baseline for the rest of the year, almost like a final exam to see what position all the base training I’m doing puts me in. The goal of that race is solely to leave it all out there without injury…not like my most recent 10k!

  1. Increase my EZ pace while keeping my heart rate at 65%. Now, I have no idea to what extent this is possible, but I do know where I’m starting at. Heart Rate average 140, pace currently 10-12 minutes per mile depending on temperature, caffeine intake, time of day, etc. So, arbitrarily, let’s get that down to 9:30 per mile on a good day. This goal can be flexible if required – my time goals before I start training are usually pretty off! I have a feeling in the end I’ll have reaped all the benefits of slower effort in other ways regardless.
  2. Try a new or different winter sport. Skating on the canal anyone? 🙂 Snowshoeing that one time was fun in 2010, or maybe I should strap on some cross country skis and give that trail in Embrun a try! (What, use GEAR to exercise, other than running shoes and a moisture wicking shirt?)
  3. Cross train consistently. Build a foundation for the half marathon in the spring that I can really be proud of. Yoga twice a week, and something every weekday. In order for this to be a SMART goal I need to find a way to measure it at the end. This requires a whole sub-class of goals:
    • Hold a plank for 5 minutes
    • Do 5 one armed push ups in a row
    • Do 5 sets of Pilates 100s in a row
    • See where the wall meets the floor in back bends
    • Do 75 doggie kicks per side at over 90 degrees

Onwards and upwards! Can’t wait to check in on these in February!


Five Fun Days of Strength

Since it has become apparent that devoting a full hour once or twice a week to lifting weights and toning up is impossible for me (I’d rather be drinking wine and eating chocolate), I decided to split it up into more manageable daily chunks (ie the half hour before I drink wine and eat chocolate). I added a name to each day to help me remember, in addition to making it fun! The goal is to wake up each day with the muscles from the previous day burning. I’ve listed below my favorite exercises to do, if you want clarification on any of them let me know in the comments…these definitely aren’t technical terms.

Guns-Day Mondays

  • Sun Salutations with yoga pushups,
  • Bicep and tricep curls,
  • Bench press with free weights,
  • Tricep pushups on a chair,
  • Crow pose/hand stands

Ab-Use Day Tuesdays

  • Boat pose (with twist),
  • Pilates 100s,
  • Yoga bicycle,
  • Any other ab torturing exercises that catch my fancy

Bends-Day Wednesdays

  • Cobra,
  • Camel pose,
  • Life nerve stretch (forward bend holding the big toes),
  • Floor bow,
  • Bridge/Wheel,
  • Child’s pose

Plank-Craze Thursdays

  • Full arm planks for as long as I can hold it,
  • Elbow planks rotating right and left,
  • Rocking plank on elbows (front and back),
  • Side full plank with hip lifting

Thigh-Raise Fridays

  • Clam shells,
  • Hip raises (one foot off a stair lift pelvis up and down),
  • Leg lifts lying on my side (for abductors/IT band),
  • Doggie kicks and lifts

I’m skinny, like, stereotype marathoner “skin and bones” skinny – I’d love to put on a little meat in the form of toned arms, a six pack, and shapely thighs. Perk up my butt a bit too, why not? 🙂 I’ve never been a gym girl (although I’ve tried). I do have a set of free weights and more recently purchased a weight bench with a bench press, but I haven’t found a way to get inspired to use it. I love to run. I love yoga. I usually go through phases where I prefer one over the other, but for some reason I can’t seem to ever get into a phase where I want to add a real cross training session once a week. Hopefully this helps me remember!

If anyone gives it a try, or can think of a better name for a day, leave a comment below!

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