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The Canadian Triathlon

You may have seen this picture on Facebook:

Yes, I was a spectator at my goal triathlon. No, it wasn’t because of injury. It was that damn FIRST TRIMESTER again…..YES my friends, I am PREGNANT!

Now, you all know how motivated I am. I think I miss an average of two workouts every six months (barring travelling). I was convinced when I saw that positive pregnancy test that I would be competing regardless. First, I was in peak form, I had gotten pregnant on the toughest week of my speed training program. Second, it was the summer and nothing could stop me from getting outside to run.

Well let me tell you, friends, that pregnancy has other plans.

I went through a mild depression where I could barely stand the idea of unbundling myself from my cocoon on the couch to pee. Food was…unappetizing to say the least. Cereal, tuna and white rice, and the odd Subway sandwich, if I had any at all, meant I was getting less than half my usual calories, and no fresh vegetables (couldn’t even look at em). Those calories had to feed me, a rapidly growing baby, and a nursling….which meant exercise wasn’t a smart idea, even if I could drag my ass out there. I was doubled over with nausea for five straight weeks. Standing up from sitting I nearly blacked out from the dizziness. I would get winded walking up the stairs.

I know all the physiological reasons for all of these changes and I won’t bore you with the science. I know exercise is supposed to help, but my friends, the decision was made for me. I could not do anything. My body wanted me to stay still, to lie down, try to put on a few pounds, and there was nothing I could do to make it change its mind.

I am now 13 weeks into this pregnancy and very happy to say goodbye to the storm that is the first. The depression has lifted. I started taking Diclectin for the nausea. I ran four 4 milers last week, and I can eat all the things again (with only the odd “ew hell no”). I stopped breastfeeding, and R seems pretty ok with it.

But…it meant I wasn’t going to be able to compete in the triathlon. As much as I would have liked to, it really was a non issue when I had to decide. I couldn’t train on the bike (had a little bleeding after a bike ride once that made me nervous). It was too hot to run during the day, which would have spiked my core temperature – a huge no when you’re pregnant. Swimming was the only thing I enjoyed but getting there meant enduring motion sickness in the car (not to mention I would have to get up off the couch) so I opted to watch elite athletes perform at their peak in the Olympics instead. On the couch of course. It was a nice distraction.

Huge props to my buddy Ian who completed his first Super Sprint Triathlon! He is the one who, years ago, mentioned a try-a-tri, which I didn’t know existed, and hence planted the seed. I now have the gear and the motivation to do one after this baby, and it is a great goal to have for 6 months post partum. Distance TBA….

This pregnancy, I do have my sights set on The Cookie Run 5K in November though! Hey, 22 weeks pregnant running for Girl Guide cookies….how does it get any better?!


Trialthlon Mini Goal #8 Complete

Check another one off! This past weekend I did my first block workout – a swim followed by a bike ride home.

Swimming has been a surprise gem for me. I love the way it feels when you get into a groove with your stroke. I’m working on feeling slippery and incorporating some key ideas from Total Immersion, which has made swimming easier than I thought it would be. In a pool, of course. There’s just a small difference between that and Mooney’s Bay…For this workout I did five warmup laps then attempted to swim 750m without “stopping” as much as possible. I am looking forward to swimming straight for 750m (with possibly the occasional kayak stop!) – hopefully it’s not too choppy, and there is a nice lane at the back of the pack for me! 😛

I got changed, ate some mini wheats, and jumped on my bike to ride home – turns out it was exactly 12 miles, what luck! So now I know I can do that distance, and it was FUN! Most of the ride was smooth. You can really feel the inclines on the bike, much more than while running. I stopped once for some water and more mini wheats, and was surprised at the effort I didn’t know I was putting out. Biking is a bit deceiving in that respect.

I finished feeling great, which is a very good sign for doing a 5K run as well on the day of the race. Now I just need to keep up my run fitness, and maybe try a bike-run block workout once or twice to see what I’m dealing with leg-wise. List-wise I still have to change a tire, figure out if I need a wetsuit, and sign up for the race!

Second Bike Ride A Success

Ok this Triathlon thing is seriously addictive.

Just got back from my second bike ride. I was going fast, not checking my watch, just enjoying the ride around the neighborhood and my new found confidence on the bike (which I love love love!!). I got home, and realized I had done EIGHT miles! Tag another 4 miles onto that and that’s the Sprint bike distance! WHAT?!?! Screw the Try-A-Tri – Sprint Triathlon here I come!!

A few things to work on – hand position/sore wrists, and tension in my quads. My hands felt like mush when I was done, I could barely hold the bike to lift it onto my back deck. I’m sure there’s a “good” way to hold the handlebars, and until I am confident enough to get into aero position I’m going to have to find it. I still have to work on taking one hand off the bars while riding before I even consider aero bars (yum). And then there’s my legs…when I stopped pedaling I was squeezing every muscle in my legs! RELAX! I don’t know if I had to feel so clunky when I got off the bike afterwards, I have way more tension that I ever need while I relearn how to do this. But 10 miles an hour is not bad for a second ride, and I found my favorite gear! 🙂

This morning I also went for a 1km swim, took a little over half an hour in the pool. I have a swim cap now ($4!) and it helps remind me to keep my head down. I love that I can give my legs a bit of a rest and focus on my not-so-strong upper body and core in the water. I stop after each lap still, but I am getting faster at catching my breath and a little speedier with each lap. Till I get water up my nose then I flail and sputter lol…

I am desperate to keep moving lately. Cross training has made a monster out of me. I want to go for a run right now, in fact (I do feel like I’m neglecting my favorite sport)…I’m going to hold myself back, take a shower, and eat some food. This addiction, as healthy as it appears, is beginning to consume me! I LOVE IT!!!! I’ll keep it in check, stay in touch with family and friends, and avoid becoming a training recluse…but I make no apologies for the Half Ironman training I’m planning for next year, and possibly changing my Ironman finish goal to age 40…


Well folks, it’s done – I finally have a bike!


I was surprised at how challenging it was to buy the right bike! Not having any base knowledge was a challenge, but after two stops in sports stores, several internet searches, and Zinn and the Art of Triathlon Bikes, I think I have finally found my match. Let’s say, for now it meets the requirements I think I have!

  1. Road – sleek, fast, and light. Smaller surface area on the wheels, drop handles, and eventually I can add aero bars (yum).
  2. Women’s – handlebars are narrower, frame is a little bit smaller, cranks are shorter. I am not short, but I didn’t feel comfortable on the bigger bikes.
  3. NEW – with a 30 day guarantee and free tune up. (I do love Canadian Tire – we scored $15 in Cdn Tire money!)
  4. …it’s pretty!

So there ya have it, my first bike since I was 14. Now let’s hope the old adage is true.

List Crushing – #2 and #3

Went for a swim on the weekend! I was pretty surprised how tough it was to walk after half an hour in the pool…but at least I know I can swim over half a km in the pool and live to tell the tale! I’m far less self conscious now about my Walmart bathing suit, and a swim cap can wait until I have figured out how the heck to even breathe while I’m swimming…it’s not like I need the speed right now.

As for the training plan goal…dear Lord I think I have it! (I LOVE MAKING THESE BTW)


I am giving myself two weeks to “recover” from the Kilt Run and the training I have been busting out. Damn, speed work is HARD but the payoff has been GREAT so far! Since it’s my first time trying to fit so many things in, I decided to work on a rotating two week template – three key swim workouts (in blue) every two weeks with several potential other swims here and there. Two key bike workouts a week, and three key runs because I gotta….

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, I have decided to do the MEC Race Five Marathon at Gatineau Park on October 30th! With an entry fee of $25 who wouldn’t?!? I built the triathlon training into a marathon plan I borrowed from Brain Training for Runners. I’ll just drop the intensity of the Bike and Swim after the Tri, hopefully the cross training sticks nicely through to the marathon.

This is going to be a fun summer!! Now to get a bike….

Life Through Rose-Colored Goggles

Appropriate for my attitude, no? Are they supposed to feel like they’re sucking your eyeballs out? I’ll have to take my mascara off for swims too it seems…check #1 off the list!


This Summer I Tri

So there’s this triathlon called The Canadian on September 3….

There are a few obstacles I must overcome in order for this to happen. I am going to set this up as a list of 10 mini-goals with deadlines, and hopefully the magic of writing it down will commit my dream to reality.

  1. Buy swimming goggles. June 3
  2. Get in the pool and swim. June 4
  3. Create a training plan for July and August. June 11
  4. Get a class package at Iron North and start spinning weekly. June 14
  5. Swim to the buoys and back at McCreary beach (Yes it’s a place, no word of a lie! No we don’t get in free because of our names…). June 25
  6. Buy a used bike. June 30
  7. Learn how to change a blown bike tire. (I might also add I would like to know BEFORE something goes wrong on a ride.) July 15
  8. Swim 200m in the pool and bike the 20K or so home. July 31
  9. Sign up for the race! Aug 15
  10. Buy appropriate swim wear for Mooneys Bay. Aug 20

Thank goodness  I feel confident with running, and I’ll be coming off an 8 week speed-based training plan. I know there is so much more to swim and bike than I can read in a couple of books, but you have to start somewhere. I’ll need a helmet, good shorts, a proper fitting seat…do people do sprint triathlon with clip pedals, in their running shoes? Will it be cold enough to need a wetsuit in Mooney’s Bay on September 3? Is my walmart special bathing suit going to be enough for at least my first few pool swims?? There is so much gear I need, hopefully I can find most of it used! If anyone can tell me what I should prioritize, and what I absolutely do NOT need please inform!!

It’s no coincidence that I chose R’s birthday to actually sign up for this race. Two years old, my precious little one, and she has given me more strength and courage than I could have ever found alone. She’s always pushing me out of my comfort zone! 😀 I love you baby girl! This one is for you!!

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