Jill of all trades, master of none! Not sure what I’m supposed to do with all the incredible experiences I’ve been able to dabble in – modern dance, yoga, theatrical lighting design, DJ & event promotion, restaurant management, Doula training, 9 years of Vegetarianism and 2 years of Veganism growing up, cooking (I LOVE IT!), and now ChiRunning…  I love my husband more than words can say, and love my cats like they’re my children.  My “big plans” for the future include faster marathons, giving birth, and raising well adjusted kids (LOL) who possibly play for the NHL (aka our version of winning the lottery)!

I discovered I love to run at age 30. Where, oh where were you all my life, this amazing love?!? Races to date:


The Winterman 5k February 16 2014 – 28:47


Canada’s Army Run Half Marathon Sept 22 2013 – 1:55:13 (recap)

Run for the Animals 10k Sept 8 2013 – 50:59 (recap)

Manitoba Marathon June 16 2013 – 4:31:12 (recap)

Cookie Run 10k November 3 2012 – 54:56

Canada’s Army Run Half Marathon September 23 2012 – 02:08:38 (check out the recap)

The Winterman Marathon Relay February 20 2011 – laps 8(5k) & 9(2.2k) – 27:18 & 11:35

Rattle Me Bones 5k October 24 2010 – 28:29


Ottawa Race Weekend Half Marathon May 25 2014

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