10 Things I Want My Newborn Mama-Self to Know

Four months ago I underwent major abdominal surgery. I had hoped for a Birth Centre birth, empowering and life changing…but I ended up with an inpatient trial of induction and a cesarean birth – surprisingly still empowering and life changing. I’m not complaining, I had the best care you could hope for in that situation…and I pray for anyone who ends up in my shoes to have the same wonderful emotional experience that I had.

Rereading my birth story has brought me to tears. My baby girl is so special, so amazing, and so many things I can’t even begin to describe. But now I sound like every other blog about babies. Blah blah blah my baby is so awesome lol. What I want to go back and tell my pregnant self:

  1. Your painful skin will stop hurting, so stop worrying about it and enjoy wearing the granny panties for a while.
  2. You only really need three hours of sleep at a time to get a good night’s rest. If you need a glass of wine, have it AS SOON as the baby passes out and you should be good for the next feed. Make sure you have a bottle on standby in case the baby falls asleep on you.
  3. Get a good night light way before baby comes – anything red is awesome. (It’ll help with those late night pee trips too.)
  4. Start a bedtime routine right away – not for the baby, for YOU. Read a little bedtime story, have a boob, massage their feet, sing a lullaby. It is pretty cool when THEY start to notice that you’re doing the same thing and smile at you when you open that book.
  5. Buy a video baby monitor. I have a fantastic baby monitor, and I am loving it. I sit here, watching her sleep soundly while I type…(AS SHE WAKES UP WHILE I TYPE THIS) LOL….
  6. Feed feed feed. Feed again. And again. Do anything that makes her happy…why not? You can sleep when you’re dead. Sound familiar? Now you’re doing it for someone else – someone you love more than life on Earth.
  7. Move the TV somewhere convenient. Ellen might be on 4 times a day, but baby naps when she wants to and by golly I don’t want to miss what Owen Wilson does on Friday.
  8. That 2 month “period” does end. It really does, and it’s not unusual. You can start running before it ends, just listen to your body. You have been listening and trusting it for months now, so why would it be any different now?
  9. Those things in your baby’s diaper? – also not unusual. All those things. Forget about it and focus on the smiles. (I know you won’t so check with the doc but don’t get too wrapped up in it – a lot of babies have wacky poops.)
  10. Give your baby a soother, a swaddle, a hug, a cuddle, a cuddle-swaddle (hell, hold their arms away from pulling out the damn soother they are addicted to now lol)…whatever it takes. They will only be small (and immobile) for so long…they need to know they have someone watching out for them. Caress their foreheads and let them teach YOU how to love them better.

And now I have to go…the baby monitor shows a little girl stirring. She needs a cuddle-swaddle!


About Fjola Melody

Yogi, DJ, runner, cat lover, coffee drinker! Oh ya and the occasional beer. Life is good!

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