Week 24: Waddle in Training


My belly protrudes! I have started having many conversations with people about their kids, and it seems the question always comes up – boy or girl? It’s a funny thing to ask when you think about it. It’s a baby, a family member, magic unfolding – does it really matter if it’s pink or blue? I guess it’s interesting to the outside world, but I like having the 9 months to adjust to becoming a parent without inadvertently selecting my hopes and dreams for the little one’s life. My perspective feels wider. I like the mystery.

With my dramatic change in shape has come a relaxed attitude towards my running form, with detrimental consequences. I spent years working on awareness of my ChiRunning form. Lean from the ankles but move the energy from the pelvis, like a bungee cord attached to your tailbone pulling you forward. This has made it possible for me to run very long distances without the chronic back pain from an old dance injury, but I had to be diligent. I don’t know why I thought I could forget about that now that I have relaxin coursing through my veins as well as additional weight on the front…I still have abdominal tone, I can still lead with my tailbone, yet I slightly consciously chose to let go because “it’s different now”. Well, old injuries come back when you return to old habits…

Monday – Cross trained with a 30 minute walk at lunch. Weather is really starting to cooperate! Bring on the spring!

Tuesday – 40 minute run with my preggo bud! We squeaked out a good 3.5 miles too. Our pace increased with each mile, obviously still holding a conversation. 😉 I’d say it was a 14.5 for effort. Pelvis is still cooperating, it actually feels like it’s better (!!!).

Wednesday – Lunchtime 2 mile walk. Did you know the Tim Horton’s is 1 mile from my work? 😀 I burned 150 calories to get a 300 calorie donut. Pregnancy win!

Thursday – 30 minutes at lunch, 14.5 for effort. Wind gusts up to 82km/hour, nearly knocked me off my feet! Nice to have the bike paths free of snow and ice again too, much more relaxing than taking the streets. I am looking forward to rest day tomorrow, my low back is now being finicky. Recommended by most baby sites online is to do some gentle exercise, not rest…well, yes, I keep saying I’m going to do more yoga. I really am!…

Friday – Rest day for sure this time, not even a walk. Got in with the chiro again early this morning since I was hobbling unnecessarily, from my run yesterday. A lower facet joint had snagged and the muscles on my right lower back seized up. He released the muscles and told me to do child’s pose every morning for 2-3 minutes, twice. Once again…yoga…OK I GET IT lol…

Saturday – Some residual achiness in my low back, so I split my walk up, about a mile in the morning and a mile at night. Yard work, housework, a little yoga here and there, and some shopping. I don’t love this old pain, it’s so familiar and so frustrating. I know it will go away with patience so I’m taking it easy.

Sunday – I must have really done a number on those lower back joints, the residual pain from the jam is still hanging on. I guess today is a forced rest day, and patience will have to prevail. My training plan is about to undergo another renovation! Lots of beginner training plans only get to 10 miles pre-race. I’m training to finish the distance, regardless of speed so I can forgo a taper in these last 6 weeks. I’m still being realistic!


About Fjola Melody

Yogi, DJ, runner, cat lover, coffee drinker! Oh ya and the occasional beer. Life is good!

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  1. Good for you getting out there! Don’t worry, the joint pain etc comes in phases! I had one or two bad weeks then one or two great weeks! I love Beautiful Belly yoga, it’s an app that has workouts by trimester and I feel really good at the end of it. Good luck and hope you recover well!

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