Week 23: Renovations to “The Plan”

As things develop my training plan has undergone almost as many renovations as my body. Fit & Healthy Pregnancy suggested keeping an interval session in each training week to keep the racer’s mind satisfied, but to feel free to walk between the intervals, especially as we get larger. I have adjusted the whole plan moving forward with minutes instead of miles, aside from Saturdays. A two hour run may be my longest long run before the half regardless of mileage, and I’m not afraid to end up with the walking pack or even a DNF on race day. I find conflicting information about training for long distance based on time vs mileage, beginner vs intermediate – in my situation I believe time is overall better for my mental health, and for building mileage gently. Doing my best to be realistic!

A large portion of my fitness moving forward is going to come from something that isn’t on “the plan” – a daily 2 mile brisk walk. Walking in the morning is a great way to start the day, and the early exercise may help curb morning sickness…so now that spring is here, we’ll see if this does indeed help oust the green monster.  I also do a lot of sitting in the car to and from work, at work (albeit on the ball), and after work on the couch.

Monday – Cross training day, went for a 2 mile walk with the hubby. Good brisk pace, and no pain! Well, except that I felt like an overfilled balloon from the growth spurt.

Tuesday – 3 mile run. Wait, no – 30 minute run! Not even sure how far I ended up going, but I kept my pace at something that was comfortable. Walked when warranted, and felt great. I’m getting heavy, it felt like I was running with a small sandbag taped to my waist! No pelvic pain during the run, but I noticed it  had returned ever so slightly as I climbed into bed. Glad I’m keeping the doc appointment.

2014-04-02 20.29.22Wednesday – Cross trained with another 2 miles of walking. Pain has mostly subsided again. I bought a new pair of running shoes, at Costco! I’m all for finding the perfect pair of delicious new minimal zero drop racers at a fancy running store…when I don’t have to drag an extra, who knows, 40lbs?! Scored em for a sweet $19.99 too!

Thursday – 30 minute lunch run, and boy does each day feel radically different from the last. If children teach you to live in the moment, pregnancy is a crash course. This run was, in a word, phenomenal. No mileage requirements, no pace, and sunny spring weather. If I wasn’t busting the zipper on my winter coat I could have fooled myself into  thinking I wasn’t pregnant at times.

My doc worked out my adductors, which he says is the culprit for most of my pain. My pelvis is tilting and separating which is creating some additional strain on my inner thighs. I’m going to keep up with the yoga, stretching, and walking, and hopefully a monthly check-in with him will be enough to keep me running right into the delivery room!

Friday – Started the day with a 2 mile walk – doctor’s orders! (Boy am I beat up from yesterday’s appointment…lol…) Had a 2nd trimester honeymoon day – might have been the early morning walk, or maybe I’m between growth spurts. Either way, enjoyed it!

Saturday – Still feeling bruised from the ART treatment, and since my thighs are rubbing together now with the added weight I decided to take a rest day. What the heck, give that spot a chance to heal for one more day – it’ll only be a two day stretch and I won’t lose any fitness.

PS Scored a black gently used lululemon bra, in my new boob size, at Value Village, for $15! That’s two items checked off my list, at 20% of what I thought I’d be spending! Grateful!

Sunday – 75 minutes! I do realize that I have to get my mileage up before the half, and I’m down to 7 weeks away so it’s time to commit. Luckily my groin cooperated, with a new slower pace of at least 12 minutes per mile and some walking breaks. Felt great to go further than ever, into Bearbrook. (Turned around at the road kill…also saw a crow killing a mouse…what a lovely run! lol) I did have to run into the house to pee at the end…I really can’t get further than 3 miles from home!


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Yogi, DJ, runner, cat lover, coffee drinker! Oh ya and the occasional beer. Life is good!

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