Day 23 – The Spinal Adjustment

I’m notorious for being prescribed back strengthening exercise that I neglect about a month later. THIS time I’m following through for a full 40 days under the guise of Sadhana. ūüôā I had two amazing moments of relief yesterday and today that may preclude the end of my back pain. With dedication, it appears I can be my own chiropractor!

Here’s what my morning yoga class looks like:

  • Tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
  • Warm up the spine (sufi grind, spinal flexes, rotating the spine w hands on shoulders, shoulder shrugs, neck rolls)
  • 5 min meditation in rock pose
  • 3 min Life Nerve stretch (I do each leg¬†separately)
  • 3 min Camel pose
  • 3 min Shoulder stand
  • 5 min each side Archer pose
  • 3 min Child’s pose
  • 3 min Floor Bow pose
  • 3 min Locust pose (fists in the joint between leg and hip)
  • 3 min each Cow, then Cat pose
  • 3 min Stick pose with breath of fire
  • 10 min relaxation

Yesterday in bow pose I was doing my usual work to keep up, everything was strong and starting to shake, and my mental capacity for endurance had maxed. After what felt like more than the required 3 minutes already,¬†my right forearm decided it had just about had enough and a strange new pain formed. This put my emotions right over the top – but I’ll be damned if I’m letting go before the timer is done! I’ve heard of people having emotional outbursts in camel and other back bending poses, but I’ve never seen anyone really let go. Because I was alone in my safe little room, I just let er rip! Thankfully the timer went off at that precise moment, and I just curled up in a ball and let it all out. After a minute I thanked the guru for whatever bottled up crap I had just cleansed, and moved on with my practice.

Today, something amazing happened in Camel. I realigned my spine. You know – those little adjustment pops, like when you lean back and your sternum cracks? That’s the kind of gentle but inherently good crack I felt, just above my sacroiliac area on the side that always bothers me. It wasn’t one of those temporary feel-good forced cracks, it was more subtle, and in an area that has never popped before.¬†Now, I didn’t stand up and start doing pain-free back flips, but I have a VERY good feeling about this realignment, and I’ll be paying close attention over the next few days to any inflammation (or lack thereof) in the area.

Lately I have also come to accept that back pain needs to be managed, and will probably never be magically cured.¬†The past two nights I have taken advil and iced my low back for 20 mins to get through a particularly rough patch of inflammation – maybe that combined with¬†a few weeks of specific,¬†targeted¬†commitment¬†has made it possible for things to realign. I will be conscious of how much water I’m drinking, how I’m sitting (no more crossing my legs!) and what I’m eating which could increase inflammation, and continue to keep up!


About Fjola Melody

Yogi, DJ, runner, cat lover, coffee drinker! Oh ya and the occasional beer. Life is good!

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