Perennial Garden Love

Today as I thinned out the overgrowing  Jerusalem Artichoke in my front garden, I had a revelation – why not move those humongous daisies into the bald spot I had now created? There is also what I think is a tiger lily plant hiding behind all these taller flowers, perhaps it could move where the daisies are now? So I did a quick google search on moving perennials – apparently this is common practice, and it’s not too impossible to do. The only thing that was a bit tough was that the daisies are so incredibly large, it’s almost like moving a tree!



I was totally duped – my “pumpkin patch” is nothing more than wild cucumbers. Very disappointed, however, while pulling out all the plants, I found patches of eggs on the back of some of the leaves and about 5 different kinds of bugs I hadn’t seen yet. So there ya go – I was harbouring some interesting life, which may or more likely may not have been detrimental to my veggie garden at some point. Hopefully I wiped out some of the cucumber beetle population!


About Fjola Melody

Yogi, DJ, runner, cat lover, coffee drinker! Oh ya and the occasional beer. Life is good!

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