Cheeky Monkey done!


At last we have heat-sealed the tops of our wine! We have two batches aging at this point, one we call “Sleepy Cat Merlot” and the one pictured above, “Cheeky Monkey” (a Cabernet Sauvignon).

We started the Sleepy Cat at the beginning of December, bottled on New Year’s Eve (coincidentally we got engaged that same night), and have decided to age that one at least 3-4 months, as suggested. We have opened one bottle about 6 weeks after and noticed that already it had begun to taste a little less “ripe” and “homemade” as the home-brewed wine is notorious for.

The Cheeky Monkey was bottled mid-January and we’ve tried it once since then. It’s not quite as ripe tasting off the bat. It certainly had a bit of  a fizz to it – I think we could have done a better “degassing” of it before we bottled…we’ll see how it turns out next time we open a bottle!

What the process has taught me so far is the importance of aging. Each time we open a bottle it has changed, and it is so neat to be able to taste the process from bottling day 1. The wine changes when you open the bottle too! Over the course of an hour, the wine changes a little with every sip. I don’t think I ever noticed this when I was drinking store-bought wine.



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