Dairy and Wheat Free for a Week

I recently had a friend tell me she may be lactose intolerant, and that she was going to go without any dairy for a week to test it out. Lately I’m hearing a lot about gluten free diets, as well as unidentified digestive issues. The human body wants to be healthy and strong – it can regenerate and rebuild itself even after years of “abuse”. It just needs the right tools – live, whole food – to do it.

Edit: * In the following I provide information that worked well for me, my metabolism, and my state of health at the time. I don’t recommed this as a treatment or a solution, only as an idea or a doorway to your own choices and discoveries! Make sure you trust your instinct!

This list includes meat…well, fish and eggs. It doesn’t have any dairy, wheat, or sugar – so feel free to add or take away. A good thing to try is adding one at a time after a week to test out what affects you most. It’s actually a lot like a Wild Rose cleanse diet…but I’m a bit more generous with the acid forming foods (although I’m all about the alkaline forming foods too!). Use fresh, never canned. I’ve tried to take into consideration leftovers too. It’s not a super creative meal plan, but it’s realistic and cost-effective as well…feel free to add suggestions!

Breakfast – Shake with Frozen Berries, kale, and orange juice (YUM!!!)
Lunch – Homemade Broccoli Soup (blog to come!)
Dinner – Vegetable and black bean curry with brown rice (ideally, use your own spice blend – the paste usually contains sugar and wheat)

Breakfast – puffed millet with fresh berries and Yu brand Basmati Rice Milk (best ever!)
Lunch – leftover curry
Dinner – Salad (loaded with veggies – see previous my blog for other dressing ideas) and Broccoli Soup

Breakfast – shake again 🙂
Lunch – Salad with pine nuts and sunflower seeds (avacado is great too)
Dinner – Baked Salmon, baked potato, and steamed broccoli/cauliflower

Breakfast – puffed millet and rice milk with fresh berries
Lunch – sliced tomato, avacado, cucumber, peppers on rice cakes (try to find Artisan, they’re nice and thin)
Dinner – Grilled chicken on a big salad

Breakfast – steel cut oats (scottish oatmeal) with frozen berries
Lunch – Big Salad with sliced toasted almonds and homemade lemon tahini dressing
Dinner – Sushi! Beware, the rice usually has sugar in it, so don’t over do the rice…sashimi, or homemade sushi might be better.

Breakfast – Hash browns with finely chopped peppers, onions, tomatoes and jalapeno peppers topped with an over easy egg
Lunch – Shake
Dinner – Gypsy Soup – from the Moosewood Cookbook! sweet potato, chick peas, veggies, and a cinnamon tumeric base

Breakfast – steel cut oats with apples and cinnamon
Lunch – Gypsy Soup
Dinner – Leftover Salad (rice, tuna, chopped peppers, onions, black beans, corn, with juice of half a lemon)

Snacks – almonds, rice cakes with almond butter, carrot sticks and hummus (homemade of course!)

Bon appetit!


About Fjola Melody

Yogi, DJ, runner, cat lover, coffee drinker! Oh ya and the occasional beer. Life is good!

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  1. Hi Fjola,

    Keep it simple. People have varied genetics and past experiences so there is really no one system fits all. Better to learn how to open the universal energy to bring in more light to cells, and ask what is most benevolent for my particular body temple.

    For me, with so much that went arye from the birth time, due to lack of knowledge etc, and from my decades of searching and data, I now am gluten free, as well as doing an elimination of dairy to discern is it the lactose or the casein. Or is any of those things.

    My Functional Medicine Doctor (a real gem)… says there is an Allergy panel of tests available for $200. Maybe the new Seekers Center will provide this service, vs ordering it from USA. It would surely make a long story short.

    I like to integrate my “O” type blood info a bit, as I am still human and have not yet ascended completely with a full light body, and due to my nursing background and alternative health education, I know that food categories require different enzymes so I never mix fruit with other foods other than the fact that blueberries are compatible with yogurt and blender drinks. Don’t use yogurt anymore.

    Probiotics are destroyed by HCl in stomach, so need to be encapsulated. Prebiotics make a HUGE difference for my post-gluten free status now.

    SHAKLEE has a huge online education available whether or not you want to use supplements. You can go to Shaklee University if you are a member and it only costs $15 one time sign up. Also, they have over 75 scientists who do landmark studies and are extremely fussy about base products used to created nutritional supplements. I have not found in all these four decades of following the health path, any other company who would fess up and show me the same kind of studies and make the info transparent to the public. Believe me, I do not want to spend money creating a healthy toilet of useless supplement debris. What a waste of time that would be.

    It is one of those unlimited opportunities to provide further education for the self.

    Here is something I looked at yesterday. I have a Skype from my friend Rae Chandra from Japan (www.signsandsymbols.net), and he suggested taking a look at this:

    http://www.frequenciesofbrilliance.com (archives)

    So yesterday I sat through a presentation being done by Steve & Barbara Rother partnered by Skype with Christine Day. I had a little resistance because there was so much repetition, but when I woke up today, the flood gates of creative information was pouring through me like a water fall. You have to experience to see what I mean. The Uni-verse (One Song) is truly unlimited and flowing. When you understand how to open to it on higher and higher frequencies, it can blow you over with showing you your unlimited possibilties. Then as you said, once you realize what you want you can really stop chasing butterflies, or simply know better what kind of garden you want to create and welcome them into it. ha ha. grin.

    Evolution Center.com scroll down, see top event, enter room here, watch event live, download.

    REAL CONVERSATIONS? Aug 27 they are starting up for the fall again and hosting a key note speaker, Richard Wood who recently started the CANADIAN ASSOC. FOR PEOPLE CENTERED HEALTH. http://www.capch.ca

    Also: SEEKERS CENTRE FOR INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE FOUNDATION started by Dr Richard Nahas. http://www.seekerscentre.ca

    DR Browse is coming to give a two hour presentation…. he is a powerhouse of info from Portland Oregon and you have a question period afterwards. Write them down before hand and be prepared for zoom, zoom.

    ALL THIS INFO IS EQUIVALENT TO A UNIVERSITY EDUCATION. Dr Nahas is now teaching alternative methods to new med students upon their request.

    Moving with the flow? Get into the know!

    Upward and Onward,
    Cheers Fjola

    • Thank you Eroca! What a thoughtful reply! I guess I should express – this is what worked best for me, for my body, and for my state of being at this time. You are absolutely right, everyone is so different. That is why it seems the nutrition and medical world have such a hard time defining what exactly it is that makes us healthy, or susceptible to disease.

      Vibrate highly! Much love and light to you! xo

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